Declaración pública institucional del Rototom Sunsplash sobre la cancelación de Matisyahu

El Rototom Sunsplash rechaza el antisemitismo y cualquier tipo de discriminación religiosa; respetamos a la comunidad judía y pedimos sinceras disculpas por lo sucedido, rectificando así públicamente el punto 4* del anterior comunicado sobre esta polémica. El Rototom Sunsplash pide públicamente disculpas a Matisyahu por haber cancelado su concierto y comunica que le ha invitado… Details

New plates land in Rototom Sunsplash

Today we invite you to discover the gastronomic news that offers the zona de restauración of Rototom Sunsplash. This is its first year at the festivaland they came strong. They’ve decided to reach the pourpuse to surprise anyone who dares to taste the delicious proposals the’re bringing. They will not disappoint you! Is there a hamburger without… Details

Plants can also cure

Did you know there are plants capable of eradicating malaria or combat malnutrition ? Xavi Galindo , founder of Cultivant Vida, will be explaining this Wednesday in the African Village all the secrets and benefits of artemisia and moringa , treatment options that can cure two of the most lethal diseases of the century. The… Details