Feel the experience upisde down.

How does it feel to see the world that sorrounds us while we hung upside down . It is the simple lesson that every day the members of the company Circo Diverso teach the many people who come to the RototomCircui t  to test what happens if we change momentally the perspective on a trapeze or clinging to… Details

They are also Rototom Sunsplash

The Living Energy area becomes a theater. Although is not just any representation, it is the theater of the oppressed. The company from Villa Real, Cultura Crítica, deals with gender violence in “Donat”. A group of actors comes on stage to represent the story of Maria, a young girl with dreams who knows Alberto, who seems… Details

Jamaican culture through art

The Plaza de la Cultura hosts these days a special exhibition on Matthew McCarthy, a young Jamaican illustrator and painter, who in collaboration with Nanook, a community of independent artists from Jamaica, conveys the spirit of the youth of this country through paintings, illustrations and posters. Jamaica and Africa are the threads of this exhibition,… Details