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Be supportive through your creativity

28 July, 2017

The Artesano Market collaborates this year with the NGO Edget Baandnet, which works in Ethiopia, and will raffle all collective works made during the workshops

Let’s fly! Celebrating the wind

28 July, 2017

Family kite making workshop, airshows, high-flying surprises and a lot of reggae come together this Saturday at Solé Rototom Beach

The African fashion style will adorn the concerts venue on 17th August

27 July, 2017

United Minds, Bissap tailor shop, Doni Doni Afrowear and Farafina, among others, have prepared a special show in the African Village to reveal the origins, meaning and symbology of wax fabrics

Pachamama: a vital circle of yoga, talks, healthy cooking and therapeutic music to activate body and mind

26 July, 2017

Yoga in its multiple variations, the musical power of plants and the sessions of Thai massage or Taichi & Qi Gong are some of the attractions for this edition

Creative crafts and solidarity go hand in hand in the ArteSano Market of the Rototom Sunsplash

26 July, 2017

This area offers more than 50 workshops for all audiences and launches a social goal: to collaborate with the NGO Edget Baandnet in the financing of projects in Ethiopia

Tickets at a special price for those registered in Benicassim

25 July, 2017

You can get a day-ticket for 20 euros or an 8-day ticket for just 110 euros, showing your certificate of registration and your ID at the ticket office

MagicoMundo will have a special area for babies

25 July, 2017

Boys and girls from zero to three years old will have a space with pedagogical toys and wooden structures that will stimulate their development and creativity

The Social Forum dismantles stereotypes as a basis for the reconsideration of the relationship between Africa and Europe

25 July, 2017

Three sessions on 17th and 18th August will address the contribution of the African diaspora in the world and the fabrication of stereotypes about the continent in the media or films

Follow us on Spotify

24 July, 2017

We have created various playlists with all sorts of tunes as an appetiser of what awaits you this coming August in Benicassim

The Film Fest prepares a trip from Africa to Jamaica with a return ticket to Rototom

21 July, 2017

World and national premieres, as well as the projection of the classic ‘Rockers’ on the 40th anniversary of its production and a new version of the documentary on the history of Rototom

The power of image and the symbolism of the African tribal paintings arrive at Solé

21 July, 2017

The second session of ‘Units x África’ will pay tribute this Sunday to the photographer Kevin Carter and will include two workshops, facial and body painting, and bracelets making.

1.000 ancient seeds to bring you the culture of the Hopi Indians

19 July, 2017

This year we will be giving away a big amount of 2.000-year old red and yellow corn seeds from this native Arizona people among the Pachamama attendees

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