More sounds that make the Lion Stage one of the most sought after stages in Europe. Day 5

17 August, 2017

On this fifth day of Rototom you don’t know what is prevailing more; the musical genres, the musician’s nationalities, the colours, the sounds or the atmosphere. We began with Khaly Thioune, a friend of Rototom, who, as every day, brought the celebrations of Africa to the Lion Stage with her brothers, employing rhythms, dances and scenography that brought a flavour of Senegal and the Canary Islands. It was tribal, percussive and extravagant, but very pleasant and made the crowd dance.

The showcase of Irie Angel, King Konsul and Lasai, performed important show tracks from the previous years on the very same stage, conscientiously warming up the crowd, who were waiting to be hit with full force when Mungo’s Hi-Fi came on stage after. They offered an interpretation of dub, featuring guest appearances from top artists, on this occasion; Eva Lazarus, Charlie P, YT andSolo Banton. It was a massive show, with a powerful performance from all, which went down well with the crowd.

Benicassim, 2017-08-16. Khaly Thioune (Lion Stage). Photo by: Michele Pierucci © Rototom Sunsplash 2017.

Cali P came later with friends of the Lion Stage, Fireman Crew, in their third night as backing band for big artists, as they are themselves. Together, they supplied solid sounds, charged and intensive, consistent and continuous. In addition, the show won even more points with the presence of Tiwony on stage. He is the artist from Guadalupe who coordinated perfectly with Cali P and offered a resounding show that was full power and when it seemed to reach the limit, once again exploded a little later, when Manudigital, another guest of the night, took centre stage.

The volume of the stage was incredible and something never heard before (thanks to Fireman Crew). The show ended with one last tune, an encore, again with Tiwony. The whole performance was literally charged with electricity during 75 intense and incandescent minutes. The versatile Swiss showman, although adopted as Jamaican, overwhelmed the audience with his show. It doesn’t often happen that they have the possibility to help, know and participate in a show from an artist destined for success; that was the sensation the people of Rototom had last night.

After Maxi Vargas, it was the turn of Mistah Godeth & The Growling Band from Valencia to climb on stage. The home spectators recognised them and cheered them on for the whole concert. They are a growing band, very young, but they drew out the last smiles and dances that ended this strong day… Well, we’ve only just begun!

Paul Stones

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