Lion Stage, Nattali Rize’s night – Day 4

16 August, 2017

The fourth evening started with sunset on the Lion Stage. As every other day, it was a celebration and welcoming of Mama Africa by Rototom Sunsplash. Nakani Kantè, who was born on the border between Guinea and Mali, took all the energy of her new album to the stage, managing the dances and rhythms with a great mastery and experience. Devi Reed, an old aficionado of the Lion Stage and the singer of the French band Banians, made a big impression with his new Sound System project. He was followed immediately by Manu Digital and Joseph Cotton, who invoked the spirit of the best nights and got the crowd dancing in the space in front of the stage (a space which has been fuller this year than ever before).

The highlight of the evening was definitely the arrival of the potent voice and rhythms of Nattali Rize, who released her latest project in March 2017. It was an example of talent and maturity that captured the attention of everyone with her explosive melodies, and lyrical and musical impact. She energetically called for everyone to liberate themselves from the injustices as prisoners of the system that we live in day to day. Rize’s militant music was presented as an alliance of more genres than expected, uniting reggae music lovers with those who prefer electronic styles. Neither of them were missing from the area in front of the stage.

The night came to a close with KeidaTasonia and the final act, Claire Angel; young British ladies representing the London club Hottenanny, who were presented by the legendary Cecil Ruben. The massive warmly responded to them with strong applauses. The two infallible backing bands were the passionate Fireman Crew, who are already known at Lion, and the British reggae sound of Soul Rebel was a guarantee.

Paul Stones

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