Lion Stage. Multi-ethniciy, African celebrations and a spectacular Lutan Fyah. Day 6

18 August, 2017

Night number 6 at the 24th edition of Rototom Sunsplash, the Lion Stage waves the multi-ethniciy flag. The band Maclick, formed by Turkish, Moroccan, French, Algerian, Swiss, Belgian and Spanish musicians, opened the night with a thrilling setlist, full of ethnic values from all the musicians.

After that, from Brisbane, Australia, it was the turn of Kingfisha with his electronic reggae and dub sounds, music styles of which he is a leader in his country. Finally, it was time for Lion Stage ska. After the success of last year edition, Dance Crashers came back, with their 60s ska show, their own songs and good covers that made the whole crowd dance. Big African celebration continued at the Lion Stage with Bombino, an icon at the African scene. It was an electric jam in which the artist tried to capture the spirit of resistance and uprising from his songs. Songs that could be mantras instead of songs.


Benicassim, 2017-08-17. Kingfisha (Lion Stage). Photo by: Erika Ghezzi © Rototom Sunsplash 2017.


It looks like he feels totally free with a huge variety of sounds; he even plays musical notes that are usually found in rock blues. From the beginning of his show, Lutan Fyah becomes the hero of the night. He seems to enjoy being in one of the big stages at Rototom.

This is his festival the artist with almost 15 albums showed all his ability and experience to manage himself, the band and the crowd. It was a perfect, strong and exciting performance.

Paul Stones

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