Lion Stage. Africa, oceanic atmospheres, rap, ragga, ska, something for everyone. Day 7

19 August, 2017

The celebrations dedicated to Mama Africa continued the seventh day of Rototom on the Lion Stage with the usual signature tunes. The sounds of Jerusalem from Alpha Blondy kicked off the listening, to the last few rays of sunshine. Mehdi Nassouli, appeared on the stage with his band and all his musical energy and scenography, colourful and charged with meaning and tradition. The talented Morrocan from Agadir has acquired an experience and sound sharing stages and studios with prominent international artists from five continents, before arriving at Sunsplash confident and mature.

Marcus Gad, from France, offered Meditation Reggae, arriving directly from the mountains of New Caledonia, an isolated group of islands to the north of New Zealand, yet still musically connected. The sounds and atmospheres were well prepared and executed with mastery and feeling.

As with each night, the moment came for ska on the Lion Stage; straight out of London, musically devilish and playing together since they went to school, they love to tell their stories, including from their last album. They create a provocative and strong show that gets the crowd involved and fill the whole place with the energy of ska. They are called Chainska Brassika and they don’t make concessions. It was a great show that was almost interrupted by the DJ and showman Gaz Mayall, who tried to get on stage to get his saxophone, selling it as “an accident” to Lusic from Chainska at Glastonbury a few weeks ago. It was a very funny scene although the injured Gaz, with his arm on his neck, didn’t look like he was there for jokes. For the record; he didn’t get his way and went to the ska tent, where it seems like he played a big show.

The Swedish rapper Million Stylez entered the stage with plenty of confidence and the crowd didn’t waste time skanking, dancing, singing and whistling every song offered by the singer, who was concentrated and emotional in his first time at Rototom Sunsplash. The Island Defenders did their thing and literally shone with reggae, dancehall, ragga muffin’, tight volumes, peculiarities of Rototom and friends like Beenie Man and Cali P among those who watched the show from the edges of the stage. The Island Defenders also accompanied the show of the Catalan Sr Wilson. There were many singing along with the versatile singer, who managed well between reggae, dancehall, hip hop, R&B, soul and trap. To close, the friends Koers; Kelly Isaiah and his band accompanied the people of Rototom to sunrise, with a repertoire of African rhythms that exuded reggae, dub, rock and pop. They said it all on the stage and the crowd loved it. Fantastic!

Paul Stones

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