Nembokid Selecta

Nembokid Selecta from Rome’s Sally Brown venue, is the manager of the Caribbean Uptempo area. As a selector, he has opened and closed concert performances by artists such as Horace Andy, Roy Ellis, The Selecter, Winston Francis, The Skatalites, Keith & Tex, Rudy Mills, New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble and many more. His musical selections contain calypso, ska, rocksteady, early reggae and 70s reggae. He has played at Notting Hill Carnival, The London International Ska Festival, Trojan Records events and Rototom Sunsplash. He shared the record decks with the likes of Gladdy Wax, Gaz Mayall, Natty Bo, Asher G, Tiny T, Oxman, and Tighten Up.


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Previous years
15 AGO 2019
17 AGO 2019
Nembokid & John Rudie Pressure ft. &    |   Caribbean Uptempo
15 AGO 2018
Nembokid Selecta + Stefano Cecchi ft. &    |   Caribbean Uptempo
18 AGO 2018
Liquidator Music meets Ruderoma ft. &    |   Caribbean Uptempo
17 AGO 2018
Nembokid Selecta ft Magoo Brixton MC ft. &    |   Caribbean Uptempo
16 AGO 2018
19 AGO 2018
Nembokid Selecta meets La Kontramina ft. &    |   Caribbean Uptempo
12 AGO 2017
Nembokid Selecta + Stefano Cecchi ft. &    |   Caribbean Uptempo