Greenlight Sound System
Green Light Sound System
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Green Light Sound System are among the founding fathers of dub music in Catalonia and Spain – and the hosts of the Rototom Dub Academy. In recent times they have moved into production via their Greenlight label – releasing the tune Better Days by Wayne J and Raggattack via La Panchita Records. Fresh from hosting the International Dub Gathering festival in Bigastro, Alicante, Green Light’s Daddy Sevi will return to his own dedicated dub area at Rototom where his music will be spiritually at home.

17 AGO 2019
Green Light ft. &    |   Solè Rototom Beach, Sunbeach
Previous years
23 AGO 2018
Green Light Sound ft. &    |   Solè Rototom Beach, Sunbeach
19 AGO 2017
OBF meets Greenlight ft. &    |   Dub Academy