Social Forum Stand up for Earth

Stand up for Earth ft. &

Debate with Greenpeace and Extinction Rebellion

Social Forum Stand up for Earth

Stand Up for Earth, the first talk of the Social Forum, wants to be a social and positive call to action in defence of the environment, an extremely important issue for the future of humanity.

Climate change, plastic and chemical pollution, water scarcity and deforestation are real threats to our planet.

However, we believe that there are valid alternatives. That change begins within ourselves and includes more participation, democracy and awareness.

At the premiere of our most reflective tent, with Tatiana Nuño, responsible for the climate change campaign of Greenpeace in Spain, and Grian A. Cutanda, Coordinator of Training and Dissemination for Extinction Rebellion Spain and member of Extinction Rebellion International, we will analyse the current state of affairs with a critical and proactive vision, standing up for the Earth.