Istituto Italiano di Cumbia

Istituto Italiano di Cumbia All Stars ft. Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, Los 3 Saltos, Cacao Mental, Malagiunta &

Colombia’s cumbia music has a longstanding connection to ska and reggae. The result of a similar blend of African and local cultures it has a discernible similarity in its bouncing rhythms and eighth note chops. This familial relationship will be made clear by the appearance at Rototom of a special Italian cumbia supergroup – Istituto Italiano Di Cumbia All Stars. An alliance of members from Cumbia groups 3 Allegri Ragazzi MortiLos 3 SaltosCacao Mental, and Malagiunta – this very special ensemble show will celebrate the relationship between Cumbia and its Caribbean cousins. It will also highlight a vibrant Italian specialist music scene.