Screening of Frágil Equilibrio at Rototom Sunsplash

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Winner of the Goya for Best Documentary in 2017, “ Frágil Equilibrio offers, in the words of Mujica the ex-president of Uruguay, a lucid reflection on how we live and inhabit the world.

The documentary intertwines three stories on three different continents: two Japanese executives in Tokyo whose lives are locked in a vicious circle of consumerism and working in corporations. A sub-Saharan community, in Monte Gurugú, near the fence of Melilla, the border between Africa and Europe that risks its life every day trying to cross into the First World. And several families in Spain destroyed by the crisis, real estate speculation, political corruption and the loss of their homes.

These stories are articulated by José Mujica, former President of Uruguay, who in the film addresses universal issues that threaten humanity, challenging important pillars of the world in which we live.