Manu Granero Hernández
He was born and raised in Alicante. After studying Natural Resources Management in Cantabria, it was in the agricultural branch that he discovered Agroecology, a field of work with the land and the community that is essentially political, practical and technical at the same time. Over the years, he has become involved with different organisations such as La Plataforma per la Soberanía Alimentària del País Valencià. He has also continued his political training in his own militant practice and in specific training courses such as the Escuela de Acción Campesina of the Plataforma Rural or the Postgraduate in Agroecological Local Dynamisation of the UAB. He currently works in Vorasenda, an agroecological production project in Carpesa (Horta Nord de València). He is a member of the SPG Ecollaures and the Coordinadora campesina de la comunidad valenciana (Valencian Community Farmers’ Coordinating Committee)
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