Juan Bordera
Juan Bordera is a journalist and scriptwriter. He graduated from Nucine with a degree in screenwriting and from the Escola Europea in film production and directing. He has worked behind and in front of the screen in theatre, radio, documentary and television projects. He has written chronicles and articles in many of the best national media such as CTXT, Público, Eldiario.es, El Salto, Diagonal or the Huffington Post, and also in some with international repercussions such as the prestigious Monthly Review or Resilience. He has also written or participated in communication offices for different movements and NGOs. In August 2021, he was the journalist who managed to leak the content of the most important climate report in the world, that of IPCC Group III, and the content of his chronicles travelled around the world to more than 30 countries, reaching the most important newspapers in the world such as The Guardian, Der Spiegel, CNBC or Yale University. He is co-author of the book The Autumn of Civilisation (2022), with the CSIC scientist Antonio Turiel, and of the choral book The Domino Effect (2022). As an activist, he has been collaborating altruistically in social movements for more than 15 years. He was one of the driving forces behind the 15M movement in Valencia. He has collaborated with Enric Duran in the Cooperativa Integral Catalana, or with the international movement known in Spain as the Transition Network. He is currently active in the international movements Extinction Rebellion and Scientist Rebellion.
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