The circus as a driving force of social change and a universal language

Promote the strength and purity of the social circus and street circus without anything but the magical connection that emerges, almost instantaneously, between audience and artist is the raison d’etre of Rototom Circus. It is a space, to promote and empower artists and shows, where circus becomes a universal language and an engine of change.

Rototom Circus School is one of the essential parts of the area. Formed by students and teachers of circus schools and associations from various cities in Spain and organized in collaboration with Circo Diverso circus school in Madrid. It offers daily activities for all ages in order to bring and share the range of circus arts.

Workshops, laboratories and even the Circus Olympics are other proposals that this area makes possible, raising the curtain each day with a selection of great national and international artists and their shows filled with humor, clowning, social commitment and, above all, lots of laughs and circus.