Rototom Circus

To promote the strength and purity of street performance with nothing more than the magical connection that emerges almost instantly between the audience and the artist, that is the mission of the Rototom Circus.

This year the area has added three innovations. Firstly, the Circus School will become a meeting place where the students and teachers from eight circus schools and associations from different parts of Spain will, apart from sharing their workshops and activities with the audience, exchange their knowledge.

Secondly, the number of companies participating in the RototomCircus Show has been increased. From August 14 to 19 the companies Kanbahiota (Pallasos en Rebeldía), Javi Malabares, Pass and Co., Nando Caneca and the Asociación Valenciana de Circo will perform their respective shows, from 19.15 to 20.00 each day.

Furthermore, we will dedicate August 18 to promoting Valencian circus, in collaboration with the Asociación Valenciana de Circo and Vértigo Danza Aérea.

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