Share, grow and learn with spontaneous play and experiences as a means

Create, play, dream and share are the four pillars of the most family orientated Rototom Sunsplash space. Magicomundo is a place to grow and learn, always from a perspective of absolute respect for the little ones and their universe, with spontaneous play and experiences as a means to explore this exciting world. A journey to be experienced as a family, not only with the inclusive activities for all ages in the Magicomundo programme, but also through its interacting with other areas. The fact is that the programme of this ‘magical world’ includes, in each edition, the collaboration guests and special guests from other the areas of the venue, with which to enjoy African storytelling, yoga family and circus performances, among many other surprises.

Magicomundo has six areas: Agua, Tierra, Mundoalidades, Imaginarium, Sueña and Reconecta, that offer a whole range of possibilities in a free and open way: water games and giant wooden games, construction, crafts, recycling and experimentation, painting and sculpture workshops, free expression zone, storytelling, library, relaxation area and a corner with activities and talks for parents, among many other proposals, all of which aim to present us with other perspectives on education.

  • Agua

    Magicomundo’s small oasis of cool games and constructions the perfect place to enjoy water, especially the little ones.

  • Tierra

    Sand as sensory tool, for construction and experimentation with different structures and natural materials.

  • Mundoalidades

    Symbolic play, building games, giant games. Reinforcing creativity, imagination and the use of recycled and/or reusable materials.

  • Imaginarium

    Free expression zone, with paint, mandala and sculpture workshops … Imagination here the basic tool to create and express our artistic side.

  • Sueña

    Reading and storytelling workshops, a small library of books and stories, a space for relaxing and reading.

  • Reconecta

    Discussion forum for parents, with the collaboration of various groups and associations presenting their work, projects and proposals.

Timetable: from 14:00 to 20:00.



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