A small city where you will not be left needing anything: Health care store, grocery, bakery, lockers, collective kitchen,…

The campsite is reserved for the use of those visiting the festival, to gain access you must have a “festival + camping” bracelet.

One of the peculiar characteristics of our Festival, as those who have lived it will tell you, be it as visitors, guests or staff, is the community that is created among all those in attendance. This is something that is experienced in the campsite above all, where there are endless opportunities to get to know ourselves and each other better and share moments of fun and relaxing.

Optional plots reservation

A new feature this year, is that apart from the standard plots available in the campsite for those who buy festival+camping ticket there will also be special bigger plots for people who would like to have more space.

These plots can be reserved online and the available options are: standard plot 6x6m; family plot 6x6m; and group plots, 10x10m.

Our special 6×6 and 10×10 plots available in presale have run out!
Don’t worry: in the rest of the campsite there’s still a lot of space. But don’t wait till last minute because the free plots are not unlimited! Buy your festival + camping ticket here

The Glamping Company

Furthermore, you can also enjoy the Rototom Sunsplash without having to scrimp on comfort thanks to The Glamping Company who offer you a tent rental service that allows you to have your tent already set up and comfortably equipped waiting for you when you get to the festival.

Bell Tent Deluxe

An English colonial style tent that sleeps 1 to 4 people.

Equipped with:

  • Doubly thick self-inflatable single or double mattresses
  • Complete set of bed clothes
  • Table and bin
  • Floor finished with artificial grass
  • LED light with batteries
  • Combination lock

Book now

Easy Tent Deluxe Individual

Easy Tent with a single bed and Deluxe comfort.

Equipped with:

  • Doubly thick self-inflatable single mattress
  • Complete set of bed clothes
  • LED light with batteries
  • Combination lock

Book now

Easy Tent 1-2 people

Easy Tent for 1 or 2 people.

Equipped with:

  • Cushioned floor
  • LED light with batteries
  • Combination lock

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Easy Tent 3-4 people

Tiendas Easy for up to 4 people.

Equipped with:

  • Cushioned floor
  • LED light with batteries
  • Combination lock

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24 hour medical assistance

If for any reason you feel bad, there’s a team of qualified medical personnel to assist you in both the campsite and the main area. There will permanently be an ambulance stationed at both points.

Airport transfer

Rototom Sunsplash will run a transfer service during the festival in order to facilitate transport to the festival sight from the airports of Valencia, Barcelona and Reus.

Mediterraneo Holidays

Bike hire

We offer a bicycle rental service, truly one of the best ways to get around the venue and the surrounding area.

Bio Market

An authentic outdoor market, like those that can be found in town squares, in the campsite of Rototom Sunsplash. The producers themselves will be presentat this market, each selling various products to the festival-goers, eliminating middlemen and thereby promoting local trade. In the market you will find all kinds of products: organic food, hygiene products, hardware and camping products… in short, everything you could need to make your stay at the festival the most pleasant and healthy possible.

Biodegradable Plastics

In recent years we have extended the use of bio-compostable plates and cutlery, made out of biodegradable materials such as sugar cane, corn starch or wood, to all of the catering services at the festival. The recycling of the plates and cutlery together with the organic waste allow them to be reused to make compost that can later be used as a fertilizer.

Camping hardware

We will facilitate a service where you can find the basics for camping.

CO2 compensation

In each edition we invest in actions that aim to compensate for CO2 emissions caused by the event. For example, in recent years we have planted more than 200 new trees on the festival area.

Craft market

A special area dedicated to artisans selling their own handmade creations.

Craft market

Disabled parking

We have prepared a specific parking zone, located near the festival entrance, so that you do not have to go far to get in.

Drinking Water

There are two sources of drinking water in the campsite and another in the main festival area. In addition, the price of water in bars and restaurants is limited by the Organization.

Ecological vehicles

Within the festival venue the use of motorized vehicles is not permitted, only bicycles, skateboards and electrical vehicles are allowed. We offer a bicycle rental service.

Family zone

A specially designed camping area for all the families that bring their children to the festival. It’s the greenest part of the campsite, with the most natural shade and is also the quietest, as it is furthest from the noisier zones.


You can find all the information about the festival and its surroundings at the information points. There will be one at the box office, another at a central point of the enclosure and a third in the campsite.


You are NOT allowed to enter the site with any kind of fire starting implements (stoves, bottles, camping gas …). These items will be confiscated by security at the entrance to the camp site and exchanged for a ticket so they can be retrieved upon exit.

There are 2 zones prepared for cooking, equipped with electric cookers, sinks for washing up, tables and chairs. These areas are prepared so that the “inhabitants” of the camping area can take their things to cook their own food.


To make your stay at the festival more comfortable there is a box in the campsite equipped with coin operated washers and dryers.

LED lighting

We have introduced the use of LED technology for the bulbs lighting areas such as the backstage, the press tent, Reggae University, African Village, Living Energy, Magicomundo and the Rotobars. These types of lamps consume approximately 80% less energy than conventional lights while at the same time offering eight times more illumination than the tungsten filament bulbs.

Local products

We support the commercialization, purchase and consumption of local products in all areas and sectors of the festival, everything from food to logistics. For one the campsite area provides guests with a wide range of 0 Kilometer products each year. We also opt for the acquisition of local products in areas such as logistics. When it comes to buying construction materials, lighting, wiring and furniture, among other things, we try to as much as possible to use local suppliers, and thereby reinvest in the local businesses of the Community of Valencia.


With the company Cargatumóvil we offer you two zones in the campsite with tents perfectly equipped with wooden floors and 24 hour surveillance with four locker models: small, medium, large and maxi.

Book now and get your locker

Lost property

If you lose anything during the festival, or find something belonging to someone else, you can hand it in to security, where they will save all lost property.


A picturesque and varied market with many stalls where you can do your shopping without having to leave the festival: clothing, smoking paraphernalia…

Master of energy efficiency from the UJI

Rototom Sunsplash reached an agreement of collaboration with the Master of Energy Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability in Industrial Plants and Edification from the University of Jaume of Castello’. This new bond will help to develop a project competition aimed at the Master students who, putting in practice the wealth of experience learned during their studies, will contribute to improve the environmental sustainability of the installations of the festival itself.

Organic food

The festival area includes many different types of organic, local, ethnic, fair trade food and beverages. There will also be a open-air market with organic products in the campsite.


Guarded parking area near the festival.

Photovoltaic panels

The Merchandise stalls at the festival will be powered by solar panels, so that they will generate all the energy consumed without resorting to the mains. These panels will produce 6kWh for the grid, enough to power these stands.

Record fair

Collectors and music lovers are in luck, because we have organized a festival area where you will find a number of shops in which to immerse yourself in search of treasures.

Reduction of consumables

Over the last few years we have gradually reduced the use of paper and other materials in our communications. The edition of publicity material in collaboration with companies that organize concerts and events has meant that we can reduce the number of flyers printed for publicity exponentially. We use recycled paper for both photocopies and printing.

Restaurants and Bars

You will find food and drink for all tastes: from traditional Spanish and Italian to an amazing selection of dishes from around the world, and vegetarian options. In the campsite there will be bars/restaurants available 24 hours a day if you feel you want to eat or drink without leaving “the neighbourhood”.

Reusable glasses

The use of disposable plastic glasses has been eliminated completely in all the bars, where they have been substituted by reusable glasses than can be obtained by leaving a deposit. Once you have finished using it you can either return it and get your deposit back or keep it as a souvenir.

Rototom merchandise

Inside the venue there will be stands where you can buy the official festival merchandise.

Separated waste disposal

Year after year we increase the number of containers for the separation of waste and paper in both the venue and the restaurants as well as in the campsite. By separating the waste at its point of origin we facilitate the recovery and subsequent recycling of the waste generated by the festival.

Showers & toilets

In total there will be 220 open showers, 40 private showers, 155 toilets and 100 sinks spread throughout the campsite, there will also facilities adapted for use by guests with disabilities.

Tent rental

The tent rental service of The Glamping Company will allow you to arrive at the Sunsplash campsite and find your tent ready and waiting with all the amenities. There are two options: one with all the equipment and facilities and a more economic version.

The Glamping Company

Ticket office for the disabled

The festival has an accreditation window designated especially for serving people with disabilities and or reduced mobility.

Transport during the festival

There will be a bus service between the festival area, the town, the beach and the Benicàssim train station.
You can get to the venue from the Renfe stations in Benicassim and Castellón, once here there will be several bus routes so that you can get to the beaches to enjoy the activities at Solé Rototom Reggae Beach and the SunBeach or just go for a swim.

Viewing platform for the disabled

A platform accessed by a ramp that will allow wheelchair users to comfortably enjoy concerts on the main stage.

Water recycling system

We will launch a new initiative in the camping area to significantly reduce water consumption during the festival: A water recycling system that will allow shower water, which used to go directly to the drains, to be reused to flush the toilets. The shower water will be conducted to a few 2,000 litre capacity tanks, from which it will subsequently be used to flush the toilets via a pumping system.

Wifi zone

There will be free wifi areas both on festival area and in the campsite.

Workshops for kids

In Magicomundo, the area that is dedicated to kids, we organize environmental workshops each year to raise awareness about the importance of caring for the environment.


Zone for campervans

It is not possible to access the campsite with a car. Only campervans, vans and caravans equivalent to campervans can access the zone reserved for campervans. Campers wishing to connect to the mains must bring their own lead with CEE plug at least 20 metres long.


Festival o Festival+Camping

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