A window to the roots of Africa and its culture at the heart of the festival

African Village is the space you can learn more about the Continent of Africa through its cultures. We understand Africa to be the origin of humanity, music and culture. Where, basic human values such as friendship, tolerance, solidarity, imagination and a respect for Mother Earth still reside.

African Village is a multidisciplinary space where different cultural realities are made visible, journeying from the continent’s most traditional expressions to its more contemporary ones. A journey through Africa’s cuisine, dance, art, fashion, stories, politics, femininity, literature and especially music, guided by the people of Africa, and of African descent.

Music is of special importance in this space. To give voice to and present to our audiences, the wealth of African music and its influence on the cultures of the rest of the world, African Village has its own stage, African Stage. Every evening, artists from different African countries bring the musical language of an entire continent to festivalgoers. Popular music is interspersed with more contemporary rhythms presenting a global and integrated programme, where the diversity of rhythms and styles is particularly relevant.

In addition to concerts every evening this stage completes its programme with dance, storytelling and theatre, as well as African Disco DJ sets. It is a cultural and musical window to the continent.