Biga*Ranx, a.k.a Telly* or Telly* del Mundo was born in the French city of Tours. Behind the pseudonym stands an artist with a rich musical and visual world, one he created some ten years ago and continues to shape today. A celebrated MC, writer and producer, Biga*Ranx is also a talented visual artist who’s mastered his art while honing his skills with a 360° total art approach. Inspired by and soaking in all musical energies coming to him from Jamaïca since his childhood and his first visits to the island, he soon crafted his particular sound which blends cloud music and rub-a-dub swing over a roots reggae foundation, adding his chopped and screwed and vapor dub signature to the mix. Music also enhanced by the warm embrace of his breezy productions, courtesy of his OP-1 synth: boom vap, stepper and lo-fi all merge supporting lyrics sung in English or savvy French by this remarkable MC at heart. Alongside his eclectic and mastered music, Biga*Ranx also provides a clear artistic direction to swoon his audience, especially on stage, with a cutting-edge rendition drawing on the underground and vibrant Art Brut movement, something akin to a musical Basquiat painting.

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